Residential Services Industries Served

Residential Facilities

Omar’s Engineering understands the needs and requirements of residential facilities. Our design will meet the requirements of the project and also comply with all applicable codes and established best practices. We engage with clients to fully understand the needs of those living in the residences and ensure that there is a vast amount of flexibility within the suites to ensure that the owner can re-purpose the suites as required for various occupants. Omar’s Engineering has also designed many student housing projects on various university campuses across Western Canada.

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Residential Facilities Experience

Prince of Qatar’s (Sh. Tameem Al-Thani) Villa Complex, Royal Family’s Private Engineering Office.

Marriot Hotel Doha, Qatar Urban Planning

Westlawn Village Homes, Edmonton, Alberta

education services industries served


An education facility needs to provide an environment that enhances the learning experience. Mechanical and electrical systems should enable the learning process, but their operation and function should be invisible. Indoor climate, including air quality, comfort conditions, lighting quality, and power distribution, should never be an impediment to the experience. Tight operating budgets demand space flexibility, energy efficient systems, and low maintenance equipment and materials that can withstand the presence of enthusiastic students.

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Education Experience

Common market renovation, NAIT

Lab renovation, NAIT

University Residential and Offices Renovation, McEwan

‘Go Center’, University of Alberta.

industries served - mission critical

Mission Critical

Omar's Engineering provides a data center of specialists focused on providing you with dedicated infrastructure services to keep your operation up and running smoothly and efficiently when you need it most. Whether you need to acquire data center equipment, power servicing, or are seeking to have a complex data center project managed by a team of experts, Mission Critical Facilities International is equipped to provide you with the mission critical data center, power and cooling infrastructure solutions your operation requires. We work closely with our clients to find the right infrastructure solutions for their specific needs, whether that be installing new or refurbished data center equipment or providing high quality power generation maintenance and project management services. We even buy and sell new and used data center equipment from trusted brands in order to provide you with the best infrastructure offerings available.

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Mission Critical

IBM Data Center ‘Cloud’ Electrical Maintenance Method Statements and Design, CBRE, Acheson, Alberta

commercial services industries served


Commercial buildings fill our cities and resonate in the pictures we imagine when thinking of our central downtown districts. Commercial projects vary greatly from small office renovations and retail stores to large high-rise buildings that stand for many years. Long term planning and design is a must when working to either build a new commercial building or keep an existing building current. We have experience working with long term commercial clients to help guide their assets through the years as well as helping new start-up ventures design their very first office. Our experience gained in large scale commercial buildings has been applied to smaller scale industrial properties that fill out many of our client’s portfolios.

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Commercial Experience

3rd Floor Labor Building Office Renovation, Alberta Infrastructure

Rogers Place Hockey Arena, Edmonton Arena District

Leduc Center Office building Renovation, Alberta Health

Bed Bath and Beyond retail, Fort MacMurray Mall

CripAway, Londonderry Mall

Fountain Tire Renovation, Riverbend, Edmonton

Oil and gas industries served

Oil & Gas

Process plants and oil storage facilities demand a strong project execution ability ensuring delivery in terms of quality, cost and schedule. Such plants are constructed purely as a “machine” to create a product whilst ensuring profit to the owners and investors. Omar’s Engineering has been at the core of electrical designing and helping in the development of comprehensive project execution strategies, underpinned by effective implementation plans. Omar’s Engineering prides itself on having a strong experience base of such projects. Omar’s Engineering has also been involved in the construction of a gas recycling facility. These projects may be standalone facilitates or an integral part of an overall project plan. Omar’s Engineering employs a highly collective approach across a broad range of electrical designing projects, using a collaborative implementation strategy.

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Oil & Gas Experience

Main Distribution Board Retrofits (3.3 KV), Arab-D Gas Recycling Plant, Qatar Petroleum

Upgrading number of five Dual redundant UPS.

Motor starters for 5 200KW Pumps, Arab-D Recycling Plant, Qatar Petroleum.

healthcare industries served

Health Care

Health Care is amongst the most important services provided to the public, these services are delivered in some of the most complex buildings designed. Constant advances in medicine and technology necessitate continual evolution of health care facility capabilities. Principles of infection control, systems reliability, life safety, and facility sustainability are also continuously advancing. New facility design can accommodate the latest advancements in health care, but in most cases existing facilities need to be renovated to accommodate these advancements. Early planning to identify project risks is critical in the development of renovation or when upgrading a project. Strong knowledge of applicable codes and standards can identify roadblocks to implementing facility upgrades. We strive to maintain our knowledge through continual professional development.

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Healthcare Experience

Alberta Health Services – Forensic and Community Services Project, Edmonton, Alberta

St. Mary Treatment room renovation, Camrose, Alberta

Medical Imagining Consultants “MIC” Centers, renovation Projects, Edmonton, Alberta

Covenant Health – Misericordia Community Hospital, Elevator Upgrades Project

VetEmerg – Veterinary Emergency, Edmonton, Alberta

car industry


As a part of the energy team at Ford Motor Company in Dearborn, Michigan, we were involved in leading and educating cross functional teams on how to implement quality and energy improvements within their facilities. Our strategic approach involved:

1. Promoting energy conservation and efficiency initiatives.

2. Employing conceptual engineering to develop business cases and managing outside engineering resources.

3. Quantifying a bench-marked program’s overall performance.

4. Performing Energy Performance Reviews (Treasure Hunts) with Energy Star.

5. Conducting in-plant training with Department of Energy (DOE).

6. Identifying and overseeing the implementation of process improvements with the principal focus on meeting or exceeding corporate and plant objectives.

7. Leading and coordinating multiple launch project teams.

8. Developing plans and methodologies of energy management at the manufacturing site.

9. Monitoring energy review plans for various manufacturing projects.

10. Interfacing with utility companies (DTE, Duke...etc.) to ensure regulatory compliance.

11. Development of best practices and work methods for all delivery lines globally.

12. Facilitating the implementation of performance contracting sales methodologies.

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Automotive Experience

Electrical Meters Leveling Design, North America Assembly Plants, Ford Motor Company

Lighting Replacement to LED Lighting fixtures, American Plants, Ford Motor Company.

Utility Management System upgrades using Tridium Controllers, North America Assembly Plants, Ford Motor Company.